Welcome to DAOFANG International

About us

DAOFANG International L.L.C. USA is a certified trading agent and distributor of pipes, fittings & valves (PVF) materials and services in the waterworks and industrial field for distributors, contractors, and municipalities worldwide. We represent the selected Chinese OEM manufacturers in the industry in China nationwide. Our suppliers are certified with ISO9001, and/or, ISO14001, or CE, or API. Some of our supplies are WRAS certified.
The team at DAOFANG International L.L.C. is dedicated to the principles of honesty, integrity, and value-added customer service by providing RIGHT GOODS, RIGHT PRICE, and RIGHT SERVICE.


Team Introduction

Theresa Daofang PEI

Executive Chairman

Born in China, Ms PEI went to the UK for her Masters and Doctorate study at Leeds University. She moved to the USA and is now living there with her family. Ms PEI has been engaged in the pipe, fitting & valve industry since 2006 in her previous employment with GREENRAY International Ltd. UK. Based on her excellent understanding of Chinese OEM manufacturers and overseas markets, Ms. PEI founded her own import & export business. At DAOFANG INTERNATIONAL L.L.C., Ms. PEI and her team are committed to serve all business requests from our valued international clients, with our commitment to quality products, competitive prices and on-time shipping.

Xiao LIN

General Manager

Mr. Xiao LIN has 20 years experience in the municipal construction field. He was project manager for the construction of a water treatment plant project of 100kT per day, and a 500km pipeline for potable water transmission in Africa. His extensive experience in waterworks, sewer, drainage, and long-distance pipelines, contributes to DAOFANG INTERNATIONAL L.L.C. capability in supporting our honoured clients with quality assurance of our supplies. He graduated with a 1st class degree in engineering from a military engineering university.